Download latest stable binaries



Prepared installation package for easy use.

This file contains tested IIIFServer package which is ready-to-install on Microsoft Windows with guaranteed functionality. There is no need additional compilations. The installation has an user friendly installation guide for everyone. More advanced setting could be done after installation but this isn't required. See our videos or read more in how-to section. Instalator is distributed with a graphical user interface for batch encoding of JPEG and TIFFs.

Lastest binaries for Windows x86, x64, IIS Download


Binaries for the most common linux distros.

We provide also automatically build linux binaries for most common linux distributions. The installation requires lighttpd or nginx as web server. We strongly recommend with memcached for fastest serving of image. See our installation guide.


IIIFServer in a monolith Docker container.

Download a ready-to-use docker image proving IIIF service via IIIFServer powered by IIPImage, Kakadu JPEG2000, nginx and memcached. JPEG2000 images in "/data" are made available via IIIF Image API 2.0. The container automatically encodes TIFF and JPEG files in "/dropzone" volume into .jp2 format. Whole IIIF service can be started with one command:

docker run -ti --rm -p 80:80 klokantech/iiifserver-iipimage-jpeg2000

And check demo file on url:

Or using Kitematic. Docker Hub

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