The IIPImage server is compatible with a large number of client-side viewers. Use either pure web viewers (written only in HTML/JavaScript) or plugin-based viewers using Adobe Flash, Silverlight or Java.

Source images can be in either TIFF or JPEG2000 format, which has been implemented using the Kakadu library redistributable for non-commercial use. Commercial license is available as well.

Download section contains tested, ready-to-install binaries with guaranteed functionality. IIPImage itself is fully open source with source code available under the GPL license.

Are you looking for image hosting? Try IIIFHosting.com.

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IIIFViewer Github

IIIFServer includes IIIFviewer - WebGL | Canvas | DOM
mobile-ready fast viewer powered by OpenLayers V3.

IIIFViewer is optimized for desktop and mobile devices (iOS, Android), is open-source, free to use and has, compared to other viewers, the following extra features:

  • Rotation on client side
  • Drawing tools
  • WebGL accelerated

See full screen demo (and try it on mobile device):

Omeka IIIF Plugin Github

This plugin adds support for IIIF (http://iiif.io/) APIs into Omeka. Items created in Omeka can load images from any existing IIIF server. Each Omeka item with IIIF image exposes the presentation metadata via the IIIF Manifest URL - so the items can be easily displayed and used in other tools such as Mirador, UniversalViewer or Georeferencer. Users can configure in the plugin the IIIFHosting.com service - then the new images such as JPEG or TIFFs uploaded via administration of Omeka website will be turned into IIIF image service automatically and are going to be available in a fullscreen zoomable viewer and in variable pixel size via a responsive image service.

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omeka plugin screenshot